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shelverink has its roots steeped in ink. But with technology, the ink has moved from sheets to screens. We get this.  So, the shelverink team works across the media landscape, focusing on media strategy and using our vast collective public and private sector experience to tell the powerful stories shaping South Africa and the world today. We are experts in education, tourism, socio-economic development, retail, financial services, manufacturing, power, industrial, and the creative and cultural industries.

A team of highly focused consultants and inspired thinker-doers, with a reputation for delivering excellence in both big and small projects, across continents. 


Clear, crisp and meaningful stories delivered daily to reach people and change lives.  




ShelverInkshelverink produces high-quality written and visual content across media platforms - traditional and digital. We can do it all, but mainly we like to put together the plan that will allow you, our team and your teams to deliver breakthrough communications for the best results. We decide with you what these will be and come up with those big ideas that shoot the lights out and those smaller ideas that keep the lights on.

Telling your stories, we deliver: strategy | insight | solutions | information | scoops | influencers | stories | ideas




shelverink likes to collaborate and co-create. We also like to use the best people for the job and have a wide network of the best in the business to scale to deliver your campaign, strategy or project. Our partners include consultants, marketing specialists, social media gurus, designers, cinematographers, editors, public relations specialists, ideators, great thinkers, communicators and researchers.



[Title]SA youth at a crossroads: What can we do about it?

The South African youth are on the precipice of going backwards or forward, depending on the decision-making of many – some of whom are not necessarily youth, nor necessarily have a real long-term investment in the makings of a better future.

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Posted by Amy Shelver on Tuesday, October 16, 2018 Views: 615